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IMG_8346Hi, a warm welcome to Cats Need. I am Cena Yong the founder of Cats Need. I created this site to build awareness for all pet animals, not just for cats. Pets are supposed to be part of our family and not to be neglected and abandoned.

Previously, I did not know or have any experience about nurturing a pet and also not interested to know about their well being. But in 2005 something happened when I came back home from work late in the evening. To my surprise, someone had dumped a pregnant cat outside my door step. As there are no pets in my house and my family are not keen on keeping a pet in the house, I decided to provide food daily for this female cat till it give birth.

After a few weeks, she gave birth to 5 cute kittens. I still continue to provide her food so that she is able to nurse her kittens. Following the next 2 months, her kittens had grown up and are able to eat solid foods. I then realized that I cannot continue to feed them outside my door step. I began to call up several friends to adopt the kittens. Some of my friends agreed and one after another, the kittens were adopted. I felt so happy for the kittens.

After a few months, I began a follow up calls to my friends who adopted the kittens. To my dismay, some of my friends gave their kittens away and to my disappointment, some of them release the kittens elsewhere. This is disheartening. To make matters worst, the mother cat is pregnant again. Oh what am I supposed to do, I ask myself. I then searched the internet for help. To my relieved, I found all sort of information on how to nurture cats and how to find a suitable home for kittens.  Sterilization (Neuter/Spay) is the first thing I learned.

I immediately sent the female cat for spray after she gave birth. I named her Grandma. I then began my search to find a suitable home for Grandma and her kittens. My objective are not just by giving away these cats to anyone who is looking for a pet. He/she might be an abuser or just being impulsive to keep a pet for that moment. They need to go through a screening process to find out where he/she reside and do house visit.


  1. As an animal lover and previous owner of several cats, I love what you’re doing. I think it’s awful that people pay for pets when so many animals in refuges need a good home. I’ve had several pets over many years – cats and dogs – never payed for one, and they were all great characters and friends.

  2. Hello Cena
    Nice to meet you and your blog here. Interesting sudden affinity with cats you’ve got. I have friends who are crazy over cats, will share your posts with them. Thanks for sharing =)

  3. Wow that means we’re neighbours Cena! I’m from Malaysia :D. You have a very fun blog here, I really like it! Keep up the good work and all the best in your endeavours!

    • Hi Riaz didn’t know we are so near to one another. Thanks for dropping by and your kinds words.

  4. Please call me at 954-665-3419 if you can help. I would take them all in my place if I could. They are friendly as I have spent time with them….Please call if you can help..

    • Hi Jennifer! We would like to help if we can. But sorry, we are located at Singapore. Would like to suggest that you ca try your local animal welfare group to help you out.

  5. Thank you for a heart-warming story! It almost broke my heart when you wrote about the people who gave away or “dumped” their kitten. I have a cat website also (a posted a link here). Please take a look at it give me your feedback.

  6. Thanks Cena for this very informative and useful website. It is wonderful what you are doing to educate people about caring for animals. Well done. I will certainly be a regular visitor now and I will tell everyone about this useful site.

    • Hi Linda, thanks for your kind words. Will look for more information to help both human and the animals. Thanks for the support.

  7. Very good site. I have found the same challenges with Cockatiels except you cannot have them “fixed”. I face the same challenges in finding real, permanent homes for them. And more and more people find me because they have heard that I will take them in. Most people don’t just turn them out; we are in the desert and reaching 108 to 113 Fahrenheit each day. I am eager to read more of your articles.

    • Thank you so much. I preparing my next article soon. I have notice the number abandon case is always when couple have new born baby.

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