Angel The Adopted FIV Cat

My name is Anu, i live in Estonia.
Actually my adopting story isn’t very ordinary.
My parents died few years ago and i was very devastated. We were sitting on my porch with my friend, it was new years eve. And i looked at fireworks and said to my friend that i wish i had my own angel.



I had forgot about that completely.
In 2012 it was my birthday and i went to an animal shelter. I have looked pictures of different cats for quite some time and went to pick up my special BD present, a cat. Actually i had chosen another cat from the site and planned to take him home that day.

In the shelter i was petting my chosen cat when suddenly this dark grey furry cat came and sit on my lap. And he didn’t leave.
So this was it, this cat chose me. We went to registration and i found out that his name is Angel.

Shelter people had named him so because of his character. He is very affectionate, friendly and always protecting little ones.




Angel adjusted to his new home right away. He knew where his litter box was, his food and my bed of course.
My friend came to see my new friend and when she heard his name, she started laughing. She said ” Remember, that night you wished you had an angel? Well, you didn’t specify what kind of angel.”

Adopting Angel is the best decision i have ever made. He is FIV+ but his healthy and playful. We have had some minor problems, specially with teeth, but otherwise his in perfect condition. He has also “step-sister”, who is FIV negative. They get along very well.
Angel will turn 7 years old this year and you could never say that he’s FIV+ cat. There is no difference with my FIV + and FIV – kitties. Only test shows the difference.



So, if you are thinking whether to adopt FIV+ cat or not, don’t hesitate, happiness needs chance.


This true story is contribute by Anu Lass, Angel is bless to find Anu. Are you having a FIV cat or have any question regarding FIV cats join this Facebook group FIV Cats – Owners Support Group


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