Prevent your cat fall out of window

Window Meshing

Window Meshing

There is a saying that cats have 9 life. True? Absolutely not! It breathes, eats and drinks like any other living things. Many people know that cats can jump very high which they really can. But can they fall from certain height and survive which a lot people believe they can.

There are many cases of cats falling from just two stories height and ended up seriously injured. So can they survive higher than that? I would say
a big ‘NO’. Most of them fell to their death with some survived but paralysed. Ended up with large sum of medical bill. Those cannot afford the bill and chose to PTS(put to sleep) their beloved cat. All these can be avoided with proper preventive measure. Your beloved cat shouldn’t suffer like this.


In my country(Singapore), most of us stay high rise flat. So in order to prevent our cats from falling off, we can chose economical method like meshing the window. Such mesh can be easily purchased from DIY shop and is easy to fix. Have to admit it does not look so nice with the mesh on the window but our cat’s safety seem more important. This kind of meshing method can be implemented to our gate too to prevent our cat from sneaking out and meet with mishaps. Example of mishaps can be knock over by car, landed on the hand of abuser, attack by stray dogs or fight with feral cats. Any of such mishaps might result in fatality and/or contact with unwanted diseases.

Lastly, some neighbours do not like cats, and this could cause bad relationship. Thus, we as cat owner has to behave responsibly in ensuring our beloved pet do not create problem to others.

Some cats owner would proclaim their cat never play near the window. Please note that cats in general are curious. They are excited with the outside world. If they see birds fly pass the window, they will get there by all mean. That spells TROUBLE! “Curiosity kills the cat” ! There are no super cat with wings. Cat does not have nine lives, they have only two. Your life and it life, love them. Protect them. Be responsible for them till their last breath.


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