2 In 1 Cat Grooming Brush


Capture 78% more hair than with all other brushes!

Do you hate it when your cat’s hair literally flies everywhere when you brush it? Or have you tried many brushes but none of them catch enough hair?

With our innovative Grooming brush, that’s no longer a problem! You can attach pet wipes or any other wet wipes to the brush to better capture hair through moisture!

Cat Brushing Made Easy

You can attach pet wipes or any other wet wipes to our brush to capture all cat hair while brushing and prevent it from flying everywhere.

Cleans your cat Thoroughly

With the attached wipes, you can give your cat a dry shower that goes down effortlessly!

Useful multi-purpose functions

In addition to dry cleaning your cat, the brush has a squeegee on the back to easily remove cat hair from all types of fabrics.

Soft silicone design

The teeth of the brush are made of soft silicone, which makes brushing your cat feel like a massage.

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