Story Of An Ex-Fighter Cat- Scarface

scarfaceThere are so many cats around the globe that are well known to the world of cat lovers. Let me name a few: Grumpy cat and her brother Pokey, Cooper the photographer cat, Bob the street cat , Yoda a cat with 4 ears and the 2-faced cat that miraculously survived, Frank and Louie. But there is a darker side of the cat world where many other strays and feral cats suffer in silence and shadow.

In Singapore, there is a big-headed ginger Tom cat named Scarface. Judging from his name, one should know that his face is obviously scarred. He suffered multiple injuries on his face due to countless fights with other male cats. If there is a cat version of MMA, I’m sure he would have made an imposing heavyweight champion.

Here is his story: he lived at Marine Terrace and why he was there in the 1st place, no one knows. He is the main cause of unhappy residents who wanted him to be removed. Residents complained that he was creating a lot of noise during fights.

Singapore’s non-profit animal group – Cat Welfare Society contacted a trapper/rescuer to trap him for sterilization and treatment of his wounds which appeared pretty serious. The exposed pink flesh of multiple wounds on his body and face could been seen clearly. The trapper went to the location 3 times before managing to catch this sly feline. It was not an easy job as he refused to give up without a fight.

Rescuers sent him to the vet to get him neutered and his face treated. There were multiple wounds on his face, when all stitched up eventually left a lot of scars. That is why his name now is Scarface, he is roughly 10 years old. In everyone’s eyes, he seems to be an aggressive and fearless fighter, but in actual fact, he is a gentle and friendly cat that not only loves to be cuddled, but is friendly and openly shows his affection for younger cats.

Cat welfare society often organizes adoption drives to find homes for strays and abandoned cats and kittens. Scarface had gone through quite a number of such events. He drew a lot of attention from cat lovers, but no one actually stepped forward to offer him a home.

scarface2Time went by. The rescuer who had trapped him decided to give him a place to call home. He is now staying happily with his rescuer at Recuperation cum Adoption cattery, with lots of other rescued cats and a dog. Staying with an owner means that he has chores to do. He has to take care of the younger cats and kittens, a duty which turned out to be his favorite part of the job. But when new adult male cats arrive on the scene, he is not quite as happy about it. He will show signs of protest by spraying the area to let them know that he is the undisputed Alpha cat. If I were a male cat, I would not try my luck by risking the “furry” of this feline version of a seasoned MMA fighter. His favourite pass time bullying the dog.

His rescuer likes to tease him a lot, always pinching his cheeks. She says that Scarface is too adorable! Help feral cats like Scarface by starting a Trap-Neuter-Return programme in your neighborhood; in the short run, fewer cats will be injured during fights and in the long run, this will prove to be a much better way of controlling the feral cat population. You can also do your part by adopting animals from your local animal shelter or giving a street cat/dog a place to call “home”.

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