Why Do Cats Climb Trees

Cat_climbing_tree,_We know cats like to climb. We find ways to stop them from doing so but realize they try to climb even higher. They have the ability to climb very high indeed. So…why exactly do cats love to climb?

A cat’s body structure is well built for climbing. They have strong muscular backs which help them in climbing and muscular back legs that allow them to propel themselves to even higher places. This is why cats always get stuck on trees as their body is unfortunately only designed for climbing upwards. But some smart ones learn to use the same way they get up to get themselves back down.

If you see a cat stuck on the tree, my advice to you would be not to climb the tree yourself in an effort to rescue the kitty. The tree branches might not be strong enough to hold your weight and you may end up with a serious injury. And also if it is a feral cat, it might climb even higher if it feels threatened. If that is your cat and it knows you well, then you can try to use a proper ladder or call SPCA for help.

Why Do Cats Climb Trees?

Feral and outdoor cats climb to higher places, especially trees, to keep themselves safe from larger rival animals or predators. Cats can become food if they get caught off guard. And they also play the role of predator by targeting smaller animals such as birds. Birds stay mostly on trees which attract cats to venture upwards.

Curiosity kills the cat. Cats are naturally curious about everything; when they spot an insect high up on a wall or a tree, their instinct kicks in. They will stalk their prey and go as near as possible to get a better view, spending hours on the hunt as a means of passing time. They feel a sense of satisfaction and pride when they successfully capture the insect or birds. Don’t be surprised when they bring their catch-of-the-day back to you as a gift. When cats climb to a higher vantage point, they are ensuring themselves of a better view of their surroundings.

cat treeAs for indoor cats, there are no real trees for them to climb. They will satisfy themselves by climbing cupboards, furniture and refrigerators. To make things worse, they climb window frames and ledges which may result in serious injury or even death if they slip and fall off. Look at my 1st blog post on a cheap way to keep your indoor cat safe by putting up wire mesh on your windows.

To satisfy your indoor cats’ desire to climb, do consider buying a Cat Tree (Cat Condo). The Cat Tree club offers various sizes and designs that will suit your individual homes. The Cat Tree comes with a small scratching post and boxes for them to take their frequent naps. If you have more than 2 cats, you may consider getting a higher cat tree and more ledges. To see more various design Click Here.

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